The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP are making some changes to keep their officers and the community safe. 
With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Mounties will be doing more vehicle patrols and increasing visibility in the area. 
"Businesses are vacant that aren't normally vacant. A lot less people are around, so we're going to try and make everyone feel safe," said Mike McCauley, Officer in Charge of the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP.
Front-line officers may look a little different, wearing gloves and masks as an added precaution.
Non-priority calls or issues may be taken care of over the phone where possible. 
"While that's never going to be our first choice, under these times to eliminate officers getting infected, I think it's necessary. If we were to all go down, there is a big issue at hand as far as keeping the public safe." 
Other differences may include less foot-traffic to limit officers' exposure to the virus. 
The local detachment has been relatively healthy so far. The force follows the same health guidelines as other employers. If officers are sick, they also won't be going into work.
"My members are all coming to work with positivity and the sole purpose of keeping the calm and everyone safe."
As of the past couple weeks, calls for service are down. While it's good news, McCauley anticipates more domestic disputes with financial burdens hitting some homes. 
Overall, he stresses patience and kindness.
"If people allow their stresses, and there are a ton of them, to boil over, it's going to be an unfortunate time for many Albertans. That's not what we want," concluded McCauley.
The police and municipal enforcement building is closed to the public, but visitors can call from an external phone on the building to discuss their service needs.
For more information on COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 Info page.