The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP has given out more details on the arrest of April Oleksyn, who is now facing multiple arson charges. 

On Sunday (Feb. 5) police say they responded to reports of multiple dumpster fires being lit along 99 Avenue and 99 Street. 

Police say that they were able to identify Oleksyn as a suspect after watching through surveillance tape. 

Fort Saskatchewan RCMP inspector Barry Larocque says it was this surveillance tape that was able to link Oleksyn to the August 2022 fire that destroyed a local dental office and daycare. 

"The video surveillance showing how the dumpster was lit on fire provided context to the arson at the daycare and dental office in Fort Saskatchewan," said Laroque.

"[This] resulted in investigators having reasonable and probable grounds to believe the same suspect started both fires." 

It was also noted by RCMP that Oleksyn is not being investigated for the October 2022 fire that destroyed multiple townhouses at Woodsmere Close and has not been named a suspect in the multiple grassfires that were lit around the region last year. 

"We do not have any other fires linked to her," said Laroque. 

According to police, Oleksyn was already known to the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP and identified her as being homeless. 

Oleksyn appeared in court on Thursday (Feb. 9).