The cavalry is coming to Ardrossan this summer to celebrate the 150th RCMP Musical Ride.

On June 17, 24 Mounties will perform cavalry drills at the Ardrossan football practice field on horseback, choreographed to Canadian-themed music.

This event coincides with the Ardrossan Recreation and Agriculture Society's annual Picnic and Parade. The officers are expected to participate in the parade in the morning before performing their drills in the afternoon.

The music that plays alongside their drills is dependent on the area of the Musical Ride itself.

"It just depends on the demographic where we're going," said Corporal Brent Dobinson with the RCMP. "If you're doing the Maritimes, they might do something geared towards that. If it's Alberta, maybe something more country."

Dobinson added that with this being a special year, there may be some surprises.

Although all the Mounties at the Musical Ride are on horseback, this training isn't mandatory for all RCMP members.

"Way back, every RCMP officer had to be trained in equitation. Now it's a specific branch in Ottawa. It falls under the heritage branch."

Dobinson said it's a rigorous process to join the Musical Ride, requiring two years of service with the RCMP, along with several months of special training.

With an expected turnout of 2,500 people, many Strathcona County councillors were concerned about a traffic jam similar to the CP Holiday Train in Josephburg late last year. However, the county has confirmed that they would ensure smoother traffic for the Musical Ride.

The total cost of the event is around $45,000, with $25,000 being taken from municipal reserves, $11,000 from the RCMP, and $9,000 from third-party contributions.