Last night EICS became aware of a social media post of threatening nature by one of the current students at St. John Paul II high school. Immediately the RCMP and EICS (Elk Island Catholic Schools) board put into place a Critical Response plan, which deals with a variety of emergency situations including social media threats.

Communications director at EICS, Susan Johnson, says this type of threat on social media is taken very seriously, and that psychologists and counselors are in the school to deal with any situations that might arise with staff or students. Johnson continues saying JPII and surrounding community have never been and are still not under any current threat, and EICS wants to stay as open as possible about this being talked about in the community.

While the RCMP conducts an on going investigation, JPII enacted its own on-site response team, which consists of school staff who receive training throughout the year for emergency situations just like this.

If parents want any assistance information about the situation, they can contact the school at 780-992-0889 or residents that are apprehensive can contact Constable Morris 780-997-7900