The province is making some changes to its public reporting of COVID-19 deaths.
Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, explained Alberta’s process for reporting COVID-19 deaths in the province after apologizing to the family of a 14-year-old boy who passed away after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week. He had a complex, pre-existing condition that played a role in his death.  
“When I speak about cases and our reporting process, it is not to diminish the losses, whether caused by COVID or anything else,” she explained. “At the same time, we are in a global pandemic. We have an obligation to monitor and report deaths from COVID-19 infection and to be as timely and transparent as possible.” 
Hinshaw says in their reporting they include deaths where COVID-19 is a primary or secondary cause of death. A primary cause would be where COVID-19 leads to pneumonia; a secondary cause would be where COVID-19 makes a pre-existing condition such as heart failure worse. 
As of Thursday (Oct.14), the province will be changing how public reporting is done, particularly in cases where a death involves a person under 18. COVID-19 deaths in those under 18 will not be publicly reported until they have been thoroughly reviewed. 
916 new cases of the virus were reported on Thursday. Currently, 1,016 people are in the hospital, and 231 are in intensive care. 
There are 13,423 active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta.      
The province reported 30 new deaths on Thursday; for the second day in a row, a resident from Sherwood Park was reported as having passed away from COVID-19. 2,930 people have now passed away from the virus. 
Local numbers          
The first number is the active case count on Wednesday (Oct.13) for the area, and the second is the updated total as of Thursday:        
- Fort Saskatchewan: 85 cases - 71 cases          
- Sherwood Park: 162 cases - 146 cases        
- Strathcona County: 45 cases - 45 cases        
- Sturgeon County: 97 cases - 88 cases         
- Morinville: 81 cases - 77 cases          
- Lamont County: 25 cases - 26 cases     
Several area schools are listed as being under “Alert” or “Outbreak” status, including:   
- Brentwood School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Camilla School, Sturgeon County (Alert 5-9 cases)   
- Davidson Creek Elementary School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Ecole Campbelltown School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School, Morinville (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Ecole Claudette-et-Denis-Tardif, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases) 
- Fort Saskatchewan Christian School, Fort Saskatchewan (Alert 2-4 cases)  
- Fort Saskatchewan High School, Fort Saskatchewan (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Georges H Primeau School, Morinville (Alert, 5-9 cases)   
- Lakeland Ridge School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)  
- Lillian Schick School, Bon Accord (Alert 2-4 cases)
- Morinville Chrisitan School, Morinville (Alert 5-9 cases)
- Morinville Community High School, Morinville (Alert 2-4 cases)  
- Morinville Public School, Morinville (Outbreak 10+ cases)   
- Pine Street School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Strathcona Christian Academy, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
- Strathcona Christian Academy Elementary School, Sherwood Park (Alert 2-4 cases)   
The total per cent of people fully immunized with the vaccine as of Wednesday:          
- Fort Saskatchewan: 64.2 per cent      
- Sherwood Park: 74.1 per cent      
- Strathcona County: 67.9 per cent      
- Sturgeon County West (including Morinville): 60.6 per cent      
- Sturgeon County East: 60.6 per cent      
- Lamont County: 57.1 per cent    
A total of 6.28-million doses of the vaccine have now been administered in the province; 85.6 per cent of eligible Albertans have received at least one dose, while 76.5 per cent are fully vaccinated.