The deal is sealed. 
Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County have come to an agreement on a negotiated annexation, adding 952 hectares to the city.
Land will be mostly south of the city and will officially be a part of Fort Saskatchewan on Jan.1.
Currently the area has roughly 50 Strathcona County properties from the North Saskatchewan River to Township Road 542 and between Range Roads 224 and 223.
"With the approval of the province, we now have enough commercial and residential land to accommodate the continued strong growth of Fort Saskatchewan for 30 plus years," said mayor Gale Katchur.
The city requested 2,000 hectares in 2015, but after negotiations, the ask was cut in half. 
"We could have been tied up in the courts for years, but having them understanding that annexations do happen and that urban municipalities need room for growth. It just shows good cooperation and collaboration," Katchur added. "Our goal is to explore all avenues to find partnerships that benefit both municipalities while increasing our efficiency and effectiveness."
The 952 hectares won't include a parcel of industrial land north of the city that was previously sought after.
Map of the negotiated annexation.