More human activity is making noise in the city.

The return of summer free from public health restrictions has brought people together in massive numbers, from festivals to fireworks and backyard fires. It may also mean that some are still adjusting to the noise levels brought on by all the activity. These people may benefit from a review of Fort Saskatchewan's noise bylaw.

People are not allowed to make noises that annoy or disturb others in the city. In determining if a sound is likely to annoy or disturb others, bylaw officers consider factors such as the type, volume, and duration of the sound, the time of day, and the area's nature and use.

In a residential building at night, nobody can operate or allow the operation of loud tools, machinery, or equipment without permission from the city.

The city defines "nighttime" as the period beginning at 10:00 p.m. and ending at 7 a.m. the following day. If the next day is a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday, nighttime extends until 9 a.m.

As for businesses, bars must ensure the noise coming from their establishment does not annoy or disturb those living outside the boundary of the drinking establishment.

Industrial activities require operators to be mindful of the noise they make and ensure their activities do not exceed expected levels. However, nothing prevents industry from continuing any operation as long as it is permitted.

A $250 fine is imposed on anyone found violating the noise bylaw, and a $500 penalty is imposed on second and subsequent violations.

The bylaw does not apply to work carried on by the City or by a contractor carrying out the instructions of the City.