Road conditions have not been ideal in the Fort Saskatchewan area, and they may be similar for the rest of the week. 

Foggy weather and poor air quality were reported in the region on Monday (Jan. 9) night and things seem to have intensified on Tuesday morning with visibility reaching zero on some parts of nearby highways. 

One resident on a local Facebook forum said it made their commute out of the city much more hazardous. 

"I left the fort at 5:10 am and it was crazy, it got thicker as I got to work by Stony Plain!" 

According to Jesse Wagar with Environment Canada, similar conditions will be sticking around until at least the end of the week. 

"We have been in a pretty stagnant weather pattern over the last week or so," said Wagar. "There isn't a lot of movement in the airflow near the surface or even aloft. 

"It's trapping low-level moisture and there isn't a lot of movement of that air, so it allows for the fog to form." 

Pollutants are also being trapped by this weather system, which could lead to people suffering from itchy eyes and an irritated throat. 

"People with asthma may see symptoms intensify," said Wagar. "The elderly and children are a little more at risk to see negative effects due to poor air quality." 

"The recommendation is to reduce your time outside." 

According to Wagar, there are certain times of the day when these conditions become more potent. 

"Conditions tend to deteriorate into the night period and the early morning rush hour time," said Wagar. "Usually when we see the worst conditions, unfortunately, that's when people are travelling."

"We usually see a little bit of improvement midday and into the afternoon but then we are expecting conditions to deteriorate again." 

Those types of fluctuations will be the norm for the next little while. 

Staying safe on highways during this foggy weather is important. Here are some tips for navigating low visibility. 

  • Keep your headlights on, but DO NOT use high beams. 
  • Either keep moving or pull over. NEVER stop on the highway.
  • Maintain a safe speed and keep a safe distance from cars in front of you
  • Use road markers as an indication of where you are on the road

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