The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is asking victims to come forward after a man was arrested for several fraud-related crimes.

Taylor Berezowski, 22, is being investigated for multiple Facebook and Kijiji scams around the area in early March. 

So far, Berezowski is charged with fraud-related crimes in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Vermillion. However, it appears the incidents involve significantly more people, including many outside of the province.

Five years ago, a Facebook page was created to spread awareness of his alleged scams.

"He was supposed to send me an engine from Alberta to northern Ontario," said an Ontario woman in a post. "I sent him $1,250 and he never sent it and has stopped answering."

Berezowski would allegedly have victims send electronic payments for items like snowmobile parts, where he would then keep the money and cut contact.

"I was a nice young guy and had a decent job. [Berezowski] made it seem like he needed to borrow money so badly, and no one else would help him. He told me he needed it for that day. I knew him through friends. But after that he blocked me and I never saw my money," wrote a Camrose man. 

"Just got scammed by him as well," wrote a man from Manitoba.

"He almost scammed me a couple of weeks ago," wrote a Saskatoon resident. "My bank informed me that the account I was sending to was reported for fraudulent activity. He wasted a number of days of my time."

People all over Canada have shared dozens of  claims on social media.

"We ask that if you are a victim of a crime to please call the police of the jurisdiction of where the offence occurred first," wrote the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP in a statement. "That office will coordinate with Fort Saskatchewan RCMP going forward."