The City of Fort Saskatchewan was looking to educate the stakeholders within the downtown at their land use bylaw open house last night.

Senior Development Planner, Craig Thomas notes "The intent of the changes are to create a downtown that's pedestrian friendly, favourable for businesses to create a place that fosters new businesses and a great place to be."

Thomas says "This project has going on for some time as the changes are to bring their land use bylaw so it's consistent with the downtown area redevelopment plan."  Thomas explains "The (downtown area redevelopment) plan sets the vision for what downtown will look like in about 30 years."  Thomas notes "The (Downtown Land Use) bylaw is the tool that takes them to meet the vision set out through the (downtown area redevelopment) plan."

Thomas adds "They'll look at the feedback received, talk to the consultants and see if theres anything worth changing within the draft."

The bylaw is being planned to go before Council on March 22nd, and they're hoping for a public hearing to follow on April 12th.

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