The Federal Election Boundaries Commission for Alberta is going back on a plan to put Fort Saskatchewan voters into a larger federal riding.

On Thursday (Feb. 2) The commission announced that they were ditching their original plan.

The plan was to split the riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan in two, which would put Fort in the Lakeland district, while Sherwood Park joined with Beaumont.

The commission claims their reason for removing the proposal is because representatives from Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Beaumont, Leduc County, and Fort Saskatchewan were opposed to the change.

"Their objections mirrored one another. That is to say, there was little in the way of community of interest or community of identity existing between the City of Beaumont on the one hand and Strathcona County and Sherwood Park on the other." The commission wrote in their final report.

Federal electoral boundaries are revised every ten years to reflect population numbers. 

The last boundary change involving Fort Saskatchewan was in 2015 when the Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan riding was created from the Edmonton—Sherwood Park riding.