The Fort Saskatchewan Transfer and Eco Station has been going through quite an upgrade this month.

Two distinct areas, a transfer station for garbage, and an eco station for recycling and hazardous materials, are being added over the course of two phases. Phase one, the garbage transfer station changes, are already been completed.

Sadie Miller, the waste program supervisor with the City of Fort Saskatchewan, says that these upgrades have been needed for a while.

"Our station has always been very well used, not only by residents of Fort Saskatchewan, but users from surrounding communities as well."

Some of the other upgrades residents can expect are a paved facility with streamlined traffic flow, a pay-by-weight system rather than a volume estimate, and in the near future, they hope to expand their services and divert more materials from the landfill.

"If the weather continues to co-operate for us, we're expecting the whole site to be completed by the end of October." Miller said.

The upgrades began in September with a budget of $4-million.