Disc golfers of Sherwood Park will now be able to enjoy their sport in the city. 

Strathcona County approved the implementation of a six-hole course at Greengrove Park. 

This follows a five-month pilot project over the summer that saw a five-hole course at the same location. 

The addition of another hole will allow players to play the course three times for a full 18-hole experience. 

Disc golf is similar to golf but, instead of hitting a ball into a hole, players throw a frisbee-like disc into a basket. 

Julia Seguin, manager of outdoor services, programs, and planning with the county, says the project was born out of a partnership with the local Sherwood Park disc golf association. 

"They wanted to see an urban disc golf course, as we have a rural one at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre," said Seguin. "We wanted to pilot it and get the neighbourhood as well as the larger Strathcona County residents' feedback." 

Though some concerns were raised about some safety issues for other people in the park. Seguin says the feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive. 

"We are able to lean on our experience at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre as well as our connection through the region to look at mitigation [of those concerns]," said Seguin. "The results were really positive, and we had great feedback in regard to the excitement of the location, proximity, that it's family-friendly, and a way for our community members to be active." 

Most nine-hole disc golf courses cost around $30,000 to construct. Given that this one will only be six holes, the price for the Greengrove Park course is expected to be under that. 

"It's quite a low-cost amenity to add," said Seguin. 

Work on adding that additional hole to the existing course will begin in the Spring. Residents can start to enjoy the entire course starting in the Summer.