Going into the budget, there's a lot of concern as to what we might see given the current federal deficit, rising interest rates and inflation.

Ian Boxall, President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, says he's hoping to see the continued support for Agriculture.

"We know that the provinces and the country have had huge expenses because of the pandemic, and with our support in Ukraine. That's our job to support those countries that are in trouble. I just hope they (Ottawa) continue to see that agriculture can be the economic driver in this country and continue to support it in the way they have in the past."

SARM President Ray Orb says he's hoping to see some key funding that will benefit agriculture and rural communities.

He notes agriculture producers faced challenges last month when they were caught by the CP work stoppage.

Orb says that needs to be changed, adding that RM delegates signed Premier Scott Moe's petition at the SARM Convention last month calling on Ottawa to declare rail service an "essential service".

Also on the wish list for SARM is more money for the universal broadband fund which would be a key benefit for rural communities.

"Saskatchewan, you know, we're thinking that we need at least $400 million to better serve rural people. We've always been asking the federal government to add more funding to the universal broadband fund. One thing we would like to see definitely is more infrastructure funding as far as roads and bridges. You know, we're always welcoming that."

Orb notes that with the increase in gas prices he was very disappointed that Ottawa didn't rethink the April 1st increase on the Carbon Tax.