High School exams for semester one wrapped up last week with kids returning to school this morning to start semester two. With St. John Paul II school beginning with grade nine students there could have questions as to what happens if students do not pass their subjects. There are different ways things are handled between grade nine and High School grades according to St. John Paul II School Councillor Nichole Labecque.

Labecque says " Grade nine students have fewer options if they don't pass the classes, I would advise students or parents to contact the school, talk to someone in administration or myself the councilor and we can go through the option." When it comes to grade 10,11 and 12 Labecque says " For High School kids that do not pass their classes they will not get credit for them and will be required to either drop down a level or required to redo the classes." Labecque went on to say " there are certain classes that are required for their diploma like CALM and Phys. Ed."

Labecque said there are options like summer school or Next Step to, although there are no summer school courses offered in Fort Saskatchewan there is at Archbishop School in Sherwood Park. Summer School classes are only three weeks long and have a verity of classes. For more information on Summer School click HERE and Next Step click HERE.