For years the Old Farmer's Almanac has been a popular source of information and is
known for its long range weather forecasts.

Jack Burnett is the Managing Editor and says this winter their predicting a "Snow Train"
for the Prairies.

"Our term for a succession of storms that we see just sort of chugging along through the Prairies,
through Saskatchewan from beginning to end. It's not like one after another, after another,
after another but just kind of a regular progression."

Burnett says Saskatchewan could see a heavy duty winter, colder than normal with more precipitation and
more of it in the form of snow.

"As far as snow goes we're looking at the very end of December, the middle of February and the end of February into March."

He notes we can expect almost all of December to be really cold as well as the end of January and
the end of February.