An NHL player had a wildlife encounter at a local national park.
Oilers right-winger Jesse Puljujarvi says the bison he met at Elk Island National Park last week was “nice” and “kind” after being photographed a little too close for comfort next to the creature.
Puljujarvi appears to be elated in a photo posted to his Instagram story that took the internet by storm.
When reporters asked Puljujarvi about the experience, he said he had never seen a bison before.
“We went there and went a little walk there; the bison was like 10 metres there. I take a couple pictures with bison. It was funny. The bison was kind, nice bison,” Puljujaviri explained, adding the bison didn’t seem to care he was there.
The Swedish-born player explained that where he was from, there are only moose and reindeer.
Elk Island National Park urges caution around bison as they are unpredictable and may charge without warning. The park recommends people stay at least 100 metres away and be alert of their surroundings.