The Edmonton Oilers is preparing for the start of their playoff run tonight, and so are some local bars. 

Having the local team in the Stanley Cup playoffs is a big deal for sports bars around Fort Saskatchewan, as fans look for places to watch the biggest games of the year. 

Pots Bar and Grill is among the places anticipating a good turnout for Edmonton's Game One matchup against the LA Kings on Monday (Apr. 17) night. 

"It's lots of fun, we usually get a pretty good crowd out for the night," said Mike Kimmitt, the owner of Pots Bar and Grill. "Hopefully we have a long playoff run!" 

Patrons will be able to watch the games with fellow Oilers fans through the several televisions in the bar. 

"It's a lot of fun when [the Oilers] are having success," said Kimmitt. "Everybody is cheering and in a good mood." 

"We spent a lot of years with no playoffs, so to have them finally in it is great for business for everyone in town." 

Elsewhere, at the Canadian Brewhouse, a large custom-made jersey covers the inukshuk outside the bar, along with banners signaling that playoff hockey has returned. 

"It's usually a full house in here," said Trinity Love, the service manager at the Brewhouse. "It's definitely something we look forward to all year long." 

Despite not being exactly in Edmonton, the playoffs offer the community a chance to come together to root for a common goal. 

"It kinda just brings everyone together here in Fort Sask," said Love. "You could be anyone walking in and love the Oilers." 

"Everybody is kind to each other, drinking with each other, and it just really brings the town together." 

If you are planning to head to Edmonton to take in the playoff action, there are a few watch parties around the arena that are being put on by the Oilers themselves.