You may have noticed more dandelions than usual around Fort Saskatchewan this summer.

Environmental and cost-cutting measures, mixed in with warm weather, are the culprits, according to the city’s Parks Services manager, Jenelle Hart. About five or six years ago, the city moved from a widespread spraying program to leaving the flowers be.

“Dandelions throughout the city are our friends. We have a 'feed the bees’ type program, so we don’t want to mow the dandelions while they’re in bloom, especially in the early spring, so the bees do have food and vegetation for themselves.”

Hart added the city does not use round-up or heavy control of weeds unless there is a “severe” problem within park spaces. Public works will use different methods like aeration, removing the thatch from grass, and frequent cutting, which is more cost-effective for taxpayers.

Keeping in line with environmental concerns, ditches and areas close to water bodies are a no-go zone for pesticides.

“We’re just trying to be more environmentally friendly and environment-conscious in our practices at the city.”

For those looking to curb dandelion growth on their own properties, pulling them out by hand is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. Mowing your lawn also helps but is a short-lived solution. Residents can spray their own lawns for weeds if they choose.