If you happened to miss the northern lights on Sunday (Feb. 26) night, there's still a chance to see them this week.

Tam Andersen, the owner of Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm, took some spectacular images of the aurora borealis.

Andersen said that she had gotten a notification from the University of Alberta's aurora watch program.

"I did get my notification that there was a high likelihood of northern lights last night," Andersen said. "I made a point of stepping outdoors around 10:30 in the evening, and they were truly amazing."

Andersen's photos show the atmosphere painted in emerald curtains that danced around the night sky.

"We happen to be so lucky because we're located just north of Bon Accord, which is Canada's first dark-sky community, so we have very little light pollution."

Andersen also said that there's a chance to catch the northern lights for the next few days.

"Between now and March 2, there's a high likelihood of more northern light shows."

The northern lights are caused by the solar winds sending charged particles to collide with Earth's atmosphere, resulting in beautiful lights that seem to be dancing in the sky. 

Check out some of the photos of the lights below: