An annual community event will be cancelled this year.
In October, it was announced on social media that, due to lack of funding and volunteers, New Year's Eve in the Fort will not be going ahead.
"For us to put on this event it runs approximately $5,500 at least — $5,000 of which is the fireworks alone," explained Stuart McGowan, president of the New Year's Eve in Fort group.
On the volunteer side, the team would have to include 15 to 20 volunteers, but so far organizational meetings have been attended by no more than five to six people, according to McGowan. 
Usually, word of mouth would be enough to recruit new volunteers, but in the last few years it's been getting harder and harder to find people willing to pitch in; even last year was a close call.
"People are busy and some of the things, too, when it comes to trying to pay for things, not all businesses have deep pockets and they only have so much money that only goes so far," he added. 
While having about 100 non-profit groups in the city is something to be proud of, he said there's only so many times you can "dip into the well."
Unfortunately, without the proper funding, there is no way the group would be able to host the event, even if they had enough volunteers.
The team is looking forward to starting over in the new year and hope to come back in 2020. 
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