A new water wheelchair will be available at some Strathcona County spray parks this summer.

The chair has been nicknamed the "Sea Horse" by staff and is specifically built to be all-terrain and water-resistant.

"This aquatic wheelchair is specifically designed for the outdoors and getting soaking wet. It will help provide children and youth with disabilities with a new way to experience spray parks," said  Dennis Franklin, the partnership business development advisor for Strathcona County.

As of Wednesday (Jun. 15), the "Sea Horse" is available at the RE/MAX Spray Park and Playground and will move to the ArrKann Spray Park and Playground beginning July 24.

The chair is designed for people between 4'7" and 5'7", with a maximum weight of 285 pounds. A harness is also available for users under 4'7".

Access to the wheelchair can be requested through the spray park attendant or at the front desk of the neighbouring recreation facility.

More information on "the Sea Horse" can be found on the county website.