Speed limits are about to change in Fort Saskatchewan. 

The default speed limit in residential areas will decrease from 50 to 40 km/hr, 94 Street south of Southfort Drive will increase to 60 km/hr, and 99 Avenue between 101 Street and 90 Street will increase to 60km/hr. 

Most arterial roadways off Veterans Way will remain at 50km/hr, while Highway 15 east of 119 Street is set to increase to 80 km/hr. 

Pending council approval, Southfort Drive from 94 Street to Southridge Blvd will remain at 50km/hr until the cross-section and traffic control are complete; then, it will move to 60 km/hr. 

The speed limit changes are in response to the city’s commitment to Vision Zero, which council adopted as its traffic safety plan in 2018.  

Vision Zero’s long-term goal is zero fatalities and major industry collisions on roadways. Other cities in Alberta, including Edmonton and St. Albert, are also making changes to align with Vision Zero. 

In a previous interview with MIX 107, Fort Saskatchewan director of protective services Coreen Rayner explained there will be a grace period for drivers as the public adjusts to the speed limit changes. 

"Once the new speed limits are implemented, there will be an educational period for the RCMP and municipal enforcement to educate and issue warnings to drivers on the new speed limits," said Rayner. 

The grace period will end approximately 30 days after the changes are implemented.