A great crowd, council members, sponsors and town officials attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new gibbons skate park Saturday afternoon.  Councilor Amber Harris, said that the idea of building a new skate park was brought forth to council several months ago.  Council felt it was a great time to invest in the community and give kids more to do.    Several open houses were organized where kids and adults from the community were invited to give their input alongside the builder.  She said it was a great community endeavor as the youth who attended these open houses basically got to design the park and it gives them something in town to be a proud part of.Councilor Ed Parsons, said that council has always had a big concern about what types of activities kids have access to in Gibbons.  The amount of bikes, scooters and skateboards on town sidewalks made it clear that a skate-park was a necessity.  Contacting the best in the business of building skate-parks was of high priority and the success of the project is
clear by the amount of users out for the event.Debbie Turner, assistant Community Director talked about the old mobile skate park just not being sustainable with mainly parts of it wearing out and being subjected to vandalism.
The town has had a new skate park on their long term list for a number of years but the Ag society decided to make it a prime focus a few years ago and began the slow process of fundraising and are a major sponsor of the park.  
As a life long resident of Gibbons, Debbie's passion for this initiative and position with both the town and the Agricultural Society made her the perfect person to head the project.
She described Saturday's event as a "soft opening" with the intention of a Grand opening celebration held over 2 days sometime in the spring.