A new pedestrian bridge near the Legends Golf and Country Club is set to begin construction this summer. 

The bridge will be built on Township Road 540 and will cross the North Saskatchewan River to connect with Edmonton's northeast trail system. 

"[The Edmonton trails] are actually around the Quarry golf course," said Kristine Archibald, the executive director of the River Valley Alliance (RVA).  

The construction of this bridge will be critical for the RVA's overall vision of connecting Fort Saskatchewan to neighbouring cities and communities through a vast network of trails. 

"Our overall vision for the River Valley Alliance is to connect that 100-kilometre river valley trail so that if you flowed with the river it would go from Devon through Fort Saskatchewan and, of course, across the Highway 15 bridge into Lamoureaux," said Archibald. 

Construction on the new bridge is expected to get started this summer and will take at least two years to complete. 

"It is expected to begin construction this summer, August of 2023, and be completed by December of 2025," said Archibald. 

"It does take two years to build a piece of infrastructure like that."

Here is a closer look at the rough area where the bridge will be built: