It seems like things are going smoothly at Fort Saskatchewan's newest walk-in clinic. 

After opening last Friday (Dec. 9), things have been steady as residents try to take advantage of the new resource. 

Owner Raj Bharadia is excited that the community is embracing them early on. 

"The first week of us being open has been fantastic," said Bharadia. "Over the week we have seen over 130 patients in the clinic."

"I think we've helped a lot of people who weren't able to access medical care, so it's been great to deliver on our promise to help Canadians and Albertans live life well."

Currently, there is always at least one pharmacist and administrative assistant at the clinic at all times. Bharadia says that could change soon. 

"Based on how busy it's been I'm actually looking to add an additional pharmacist to be there at all opening hours," said Bharadia. 

The clinic is still accepting walk-in appointments but, with the high traffic, it wouldn't be bad to book one in advance. 

"Booking an appointment would be a good idea, we are tending to see kind of a lineup at around 10 a.m. when we open," said Bharadia. "If you wanna book an appointment that would be a good option just to streamline the process a little bit." 

Unfortunately, he was unable to give specific numbers on how long wait times are currently. 

If anyone has questions about the clinic, Bharadia urges people to call the store.