The Fort Saskatchewan and Lamont Regional Chamber of Commerce has a new person in charge. 

Danielle Klooster, 58, has taken over the role of executive director and has been in the position for just over six weeks. 

She moved to Sherwood Park about a year ago after spending the last 25 years in the Red Deer area. 

"I feel like I'm back home," said Klooster.

This is by no means Klooster's first time doing this type of work. She has been running her own business consulting practice for the past eight years and was working with the Red Deer Chamber before that.

When she saw that there was an opening at the local chamber, Klooster jumped at the chance. 

"I'm the sort of person that's always looking for the next big thing I'm going to dig into," said Klooster. "When I saw the chamber [job] posting I was like 'yeah, I want in on that' and happily for me that's how it turned out." 

"I think it's a unique community and I feel really good about all the work that has been done and the potential of what we are going to do in the future." 

The hope is that Klooster can be able to make a difference for businesses. 

"We really need to dig into finding out the challenges facing businesses in our region right now," said Klooster. "How can [the chamber] get in and work shoulder-to-shoulder with [businesses] to push towards prosperity and success" 

"We really want to move from a transactional focus to a transformational focus with businesses." 

Klooster wants the community to know that she is excited to serve the region. 

"I am really passionate and invested in the success of a business," said Klooster. "I believe in business and the importance of a vibrant business community to the livelihood and vibrancy of a community overall." 

Klooster officially began with the chamber on Sept. 12; she takes over for Tamara Dabels.