January was a busy month for Strathcona County tow trucks. 

The first month of 2023 saw extensive work being done clearing snow off residential roads. Despite warnings, some vehicles still found themselves violating parking bans. 

"In January, we wrote 53 tickets and towed 49 vehicles," said Vito Disciglio, the manager of Strathcona County enforcement services.

Each fine adds up to about $250, which is mainly taken to cover the cost of the tow. Disciglio says the county doesn't enjoy writing those tickets. 

"We really focus on limiting tickets and tows as much as possible," said Disciglio. "Our goal is to ensure that our residents remove their vehicles so we can safely plow the streets as efficiently as possible." 

"We really go to lengths to limit tickets and tows." 

Though still a high number, the 50 vehicles towed are actually less than their previous snow removal process. 

"It was a little bit lower, which really pleases us," said Disciglio. "We're pleased, with the communications that we put forth and the alerts that we have, that our residents were able to help us in keeping those numbers lower than last time." 

As for future snow removals, Disciglio urges residents to keep an eye out for alerts and signs that warn of parking bans. 

"Stay in the know and avoid a tow." 

You can sign up for alerts here