The City of Fort Saskatchewan has gotten funding for a new playground.

Shell Canada is providing $200,000 in grant funding for the construction of a natural playground in Legacy Park. The city will be contributing $50,000 in addition to the grant.

“Children are curious and love using their imaginations as they play," stated Gale Katchur, mayor of Fort Saskatchewan. "The natural playground will be an opportunity for them to explore and discover in a natural, accessible and less structured setting."

This is the first natural playground in Fort Saskatchewan. Natural playgrounds are constructed using hollowed logs for climbing, rock trails for walking, wooden playhouses, raised garden beds for digging and planting, large sandboxes, tree stumps for balance and soft beds of grass, sand or mulch. 

Natural playgrounds are meant to create a safe and stimulating environment for kids to play in and challenge themselves in, allowing for more creativity and exploration.

“After two years of living in a pandemic, we recognise now more than ever the important role outdoor recreational areas play in our children's and community's lives. We are thrilled to be partnering with the City of Fort Saskatchewan on this safe and sustainable playground that will allow our local youth to connect to their natural surroundings,” said Mark Pattenden, general manager of Scotford.

Construction of the natural playground will begin in the summer and finished in the fall of 2022.