An extreme cold warning -- like we needed another excuse to hunker down and eat all those comfort foods we grew up loving.

For those with resolutions to lose weight in 2022, this won't be the blog for you. In fact, with these mouth-watering, cold-weather dishes, you probably won't make it past supper time if you continue to read.    

Here we go, my top five yummiest, most comforting foods to enjoy on a -37 C day.

  • Beef stew: Beef, carrots, onions, and turnip swimming in a pool of gravy - mmm dumplings!
  • Slow-cooked chili: Nothing beats it on a cold day. Go ahead, serve it with some garlic bread!     
  • Pasta: Pile on that cheese (does it matter what kind!?).
  • Soup: Any bowl will do, yeah, but just know a little spice will make you feel "warmer." 
  • Meatloaf: It's THE card to pull out of that recipe box your mom gave you when you moved out. 

What are your go-to cold-weather favourites?

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