For the last ten years, Jacques St. Laurent has brought life to his neighbourhood through his intricate snow sculptures.

Recently, Sherwood Park residents took to social media to express their amazement at his latest creation: a detailed sculpture of the two main characters from 'Shrek'.

"[Shrek] is probably eight feet by seven, I'd say. The snow block itself is an eight by eight by eight," said St. Laurent. "It's a massive amount of snow."

Last year, St. Laurent wowed the neighbourhood with his statue of Master Yoda from 'Star Wars'.

"This year was more of a Disney cartoon Shrek type of feel that we had in 2022, so that's what I decided to make this year."

St. Laurent grew up in northern Alberta near Peace River, where he used to attend a French carnival that involved making snow blocks to give to residents so that they could carve their own creations. 

"Ten or so years ago there was a crazy amount of snow and I'm like 'You know what? I'm going to try and make something.' That's how it all started."

In the decade since he picked up the passion, he's made Santa, Toothless from 'How to Train Your Dragon', Maui from 'Moana', and even an octopus.

St. Laurent says he takes snow from his and his neighbour's yard to build the snow blocks.

"I bring it back home, I get the kids all suited up, then I start pumping the snow in this form, and my kids keep packing the snow by jumping on it," said St. Laurent. 

He added that with the fluctuating weather, this sculpture took about 80 hours, which is longer than most.

"Warm weather turns the snow icy and makes it difficult to work with. It's not as easy, but it's still quite enjoyable."

St. Laurent said that his neighbour's reactions have been overwhelming. 

"We've got neighbours in the crescent next door. Their daughter was walking and when she saw it, she froze up."

For those looking to see the sculpture for themselves, they can visit St. Laurent's home at 52 Menlo Crescent in Sherwood Park.

As for next year's plans, St. Laurent will wait for his kids to make the decision.

"It seems every year my kids get into a different phase. It seems like they're getting more complex, though."

Those who want to leave their own recommendations for next year's sculpture can visit his YouTube page.