People driving in Strathcona County should keep an eye on their speed. 

The county recently passed a bylaw that has changed multiple speed limits on several rural roads

Each road has seen its speed limit decrease. 

Range Road 205 south of Township Road 515 will now be 50 km/h, down from its previous limit of 80 km/h. 

Ryan Anders, manager of planning, engineering and safety with the county, says this is due to low traffic on the road. 

"More and more people are using the road to walk on," said Anders. "In recognition of safety, we lowered the speed limit on that section of road." 

A section of Range Road 224 will also see its speed limit get knocked down to 50 km/h from 80km/h. 

"It's over a bridge, a narrow bridge from a CN rail overpass," said Anders. "In recognition of the condition of the bridge, which will be replaced in the next few years, we just lowered the speed limit over the top of the bridge." 

Drivers heading to and from the Salisbury Greenhouse should also be aware that Range Road 232 has been affected by these changes as well. 

"[Strathcona County is extending] the 60 km/h zone south from Wye Road to capture the Salisbury Greenhouse accesses," said Anders. "It reduces the likelihood of a collision, and we know there are a lot of people turning in and out of the greenhouses." 

Lastly, Township Road 531 in Ardrossan has been changed to 60 km/h from its previous 80 km/h limit. 

"The residential area is getting closer to that road," said Anders.