Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis has put forward a new motion.

He is trying to promote bystander awareness and training so it becomes as commonplace as first aid.

Genuis explained every time there's an act of violence or other criminal activity, people will talk about the victim or the perpetrator but he doesn't believe enough attention is given to the bystanders that may see something or even be able to help.

"Training people on how to intervene effectively can make a big difference in reducing instances of violence and crimes. There's a lot of data out there, specifically around sexual violence [and] sexual harassment, that bystander training interventions at a community level can have very significant impacts in terms of a reduced number of cases," he said.

He wants the federal government to work with other levels of government, academia groups and more to support the development of bystander and training courses to make those courses more available to the general public.

Genuis was on the board of Saffron for a few years, so issues involving sexual violence, in particular, are something he has thought about for a while. He said it is always horrifying to hear cases where bystanders saw something violent happen and did nothing, but it is also important to remember they may have been scared and confused.

"Rather than just getting upset and judging the people who fail to intervene, let's be constructive and say what kind of training can we provide to help people intervene?" he said. "There's a lot of evidence out there that if we promote bystander awareness intervention training, then we will see a reduction in sexual violence and hate crimes and other forms of violence in our communities." 

His goal is to have his motion passed by the end of the year.