Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis has been outspoken on his thoughts about the Russian invasion.

Genuis has been trying to stand up for Ukraine by pushing the federal government to do more to help, which Russia has taken notice of.

"I have been sanctioned by the Russian government and have been banned from entering their country. I take it as a badge of honour to be considered an enemy of any authoritarian regime, and my concern remains with the people of Ukraine. I hope one day to see these sanctions lifted by a new Russian government that respects the freedom of other nations and of its own people," said Genuis.

The war has caused a ripple effect that is impacting places around the world, including Alberta. Genuis said in his riding, he knows many people are of Ukrainian descent and are worried about family or friends.

"It's a tragic situation and terrible to see the loss of life, the destruction, and the general pain that's resulting from it. It is also inspiring to see the courage of the Ukrainian people and the way that the world has come together to apply sanctions. I think there's a lot more work that's required to support the Ukrainian people and to hold the Putin regime accountable."

He is calling for the Canadian government to apply more debilitating sanctions to the Putin regime, provide critical military aid and support to Ukraine and institute visa-free travel for Ukrainians seeking shelter in Canada.

Genuis also wants to see Canada strengthen its own defence capacity and start thinking about its security.

Anyone looking for more information about the immigration and refugee programs is encouraged to contact his office.

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