Conservative MP Garnett Genuis is appearing on Political Blind Date for a debate about the opioid crisis.

Political Blind Date takes politicians from all levels of government and has them debate each other in a one-on-one conversation. The shows airs on TVO and YouTube.

Genuis is a returning guest of the series, first appearing in the show's pilot episode, where he debated the legalization of cannabis with Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith.

Now, they're returning for the series finale, where they discuss the opioid crisis.

Erskine-Smith supports the legalization of all drugs, though with high regulation and control. On the other hand, Genuis believes in providing more treatment and care for those dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

In the show, Erskine-Smith takes Genuis to experts working on the frontlines to discuss removing the stigma of drug possession charges. Afterwards, Genuis brings Erskine-Smith to a treatment centre that needs the support of funding and new treatment beds, which Genuis' Conservative Party promises.

"What's important about this show is that it's a chance for people to listen to each other," said show writer, director, and executive producer Mark Johnston. "They may be meeting people who they wouldn't normally meet, but they have the opportunity to listen and have a reasoned discussion about what the policy should be on these issues."

Political Blind Date is coming to an early end after TVO pulled the season's fourth episode after allegations against guest Jerry Dias. The fifth episode, "The Opioid Crisis", airs Tuesday (April 12) at 7:00 p.m. on TVO.