Movember has a deeper meaning for one particular family.
The third annual Movember Charity Classic hockey game was held at the JRC in Fort Saskatchewan on Saturday (Nov.24), a full family affair for the Horricks.
"We had myself, my two boys and two of my grandsons playing," said Cliff Horricks. "My youngest boy had testicular cancer and different types of cancer for both my parents, but Movember is just a good cause to support."
Cliff's son, Mark, was diagnosed back in 2016, but is recovering nicely.
"I was a lucky one. I went in for the surgery and that was all I had to do was have the surgery and I've been clean ever since," said Mark Horricks. "April (2019) becomes my three years of being clean so that's a major goal."
Mark started having checkups every three months after his surgery, but has since graduated to checks every four months.
"I'm lucky I got to play alongside my dad, my brother and two of my nephews today, so that was a pretty proud moment."
Fort Saskatchewan's Jiffy Lube owner Jim Martin was the founder of the annual game. He received lots of high praise from the Horricks for his dedication to raising cancer awareness.
"Jim has done such a really good job and it's nice to see all the support behind it," said Cliff.
Martin expects the total amount of money raised from the game and other Movember events to be around $16,000 this year.
"It's for a great cause and everybody needs to be aware to get checked," added Mark.
The Movember charity game finished with the Half Nuts defeating the United Prostates 6-5 and reclaiming the championship after last year's loss.