It's the end of an era for a building in Morinville. 

In late September, the Town of Morinville approved the sale of the building that was formally the site of 'The Zoo' bar and hotel with a condition to demolish it. 

The building came under town ownership earlier this year through tax forfeiture. 

Tracy Dalzell-Heise, manager of communications and legislative services for Morinville, says the property could be sold without a motion from the town council. 

"The sale price was based on the appraised value that it received," said Dalzell-Heise. 

The final sale price was not released due to privacy reasons. The city can only collect the money owed on the property; the rest of the profits will be handed over to the previous property owners. 

T.J. Auer, manager of planning and economic development for Morinville, added the decision to have demolition as a condition comes from safety concerns. 

"There are a number of safety code compliance issues with the existing building." 

"Through the assessment and appraisal, the town determined that demolition was a more viable option than restoration." 

No demolition date has been set but it must be done before December 29.