Morinville residents can expect to see a slightly higher tax bill this year. 

Town council approved its 2022 Operating Budget on Tuesday (Mar. 22), which includes a five per cent tax increase. This means homeowners will see an average increase of $10.58 per month on their property tax bills. 

Non-residential properties will see an increase of $27.78 per month, while industrial accounts will increase by $49.33 per month. 

In December 2021, the council approved an interim budget and had since worked to minimize service cuts and other budget issues while having the lowest possible impact on taxpayers. In a release, mayor Simon Boersma said he's grateful for the work council and administration put into this year's budget.  

 "This has not been an easy task, especially in a year we have experienced significant inflation," said Boersma. 

"Administration is always looking for ways to save costs and find additional revenue streams throughout the year. This past year was a good example of performing more than $400,000 better than budgeted, and I know that we are committed to working towards a better-than-budgeted outcome at the end of 2022." 

The approved budget will see the Morinville Community Libraries budget reduced to $531,655, and $30,000 will be removed for the Morinville Leisure Centre and Community Cultural Centre service provision review.

Furthermore, the 2021 split mill rate, the amount of tax payable per dollar of a property's assessed value, will be maintained for non-residential properties.

Morinville isn't the only municipality hiking tax rates in 2022. Fort Saskatchewan city council approved a 2.78 per cent tax increase, Strathcona County's property taxes will increase by three per cent, and Redwater town council approved a 4.5 per cent increase. 

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