The Morinville Legion is doing their best to help those who were displaced by Sunday (Nov. 6) night's fire at the Plaza Inn and Suites. 

Around 27 people who were residents at the building lost just about everything due to the fire, many of which had to flee into the cold weather in just their pyjamas. 

Mike Adams, the first vice-president of the Morinville Legion, was watching the scene unfold and approached Morinville Mayor Simon Boersma to get people into the legion for support. 

"I said 'Simon, we're opening the legion, please redirect all traffic to us on foot that need assistance and warmth'," said Adams. "We came to the Legion, opened the doors, and put out a request for donations for blankets." 

"[The victims] had no toques, no gloves, no clothes, no nothing. They lost all their material possessions." 

The legion also had a paramedic on the scene to provide primary triage out of the building that was assisted by EMS. 

Local businesses were quick to send support to the legion. 

"We got a lot of donations from the Morinville Sobeys for food, water, and some juices," said Adams. "We got donations from coaches' restaurant who called in all their staff and chefs, made up a whole bunch of food and delivered it here." 

"Tim Hortons in Morinville brought all kinds of donuts and snacks." 

Adams adds that the victims have been given 72 hours at St. Albert hotels while the legion is still looking for donations of all kinds, but specifically warm clothing to help the victims survive the winter. 

"These people have absolutely nothing," said Adams. "They lost their whole lifestyle in the fire." 

Legions might seem like just a place to support veterans, especially during this time of the year, but Adams says that they will always be there for the community. 

"The mandate of the legion is to support the veterans, but we are also here to support the community any way we possibly can," said Adams. "With this type of event; this is what the legion is here for." 

"We don't have the ability to house anybody but if we can get them started on one step in the right direction, that will help them out with their mental health." 

One of the more unique things that the legion is looking for is a keyboard and guitar for some musicians that lost theirs in the fire. 

Donations can be dropped off at the Morinville Legion at 10120 101 Ave.