Morinville is encouraging residents to party it up with their neighbours this summer.
The Town of Morinville is kicking off its revamped Block Parties Program to encourage people to get outside and get to know the people on their streets.
“We wanted to get our residents together again, hopefully coming out of this COVID-19 pandemic, and we wanted to kick off and get the residents together and celebrate being neighbours again,” explained Barb Adamson, community recreation coordinator with the town.
A block party can occur in a park, a front yard, driveway, common room or the street.
The town has created several different resources for people looking to host a party, including a step-by-step guide, an application form and new templates to help residents reach out to neighbours and invite them to their event. Block party BINGO and name tags can be printed off the town’s website. 
To help celebrate, as a prize, the first four approved block party applications will also receive one $75 gift card to Sobey’s.
More details regarding block parties and how to host one can be found here.