The Town of Morinville has gotten rid of its surcharges on credit cards.

The change comes after the council completed their third reading of an amendment to their 2023 Fees and Charges Bylaw at their latest council meeting on last Tuesday (Jan. 10). 

Morinville residents didn't pay surcharges for very long, only just starting on Jan. 4 when the original version of the bylaw was adopted. Before that, there were no surcharges with the exception of taxes.

Only a couple of days after the surcharge was adopted, residents realized that the registration software at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre and Morinville Leisure Centre only accepted credit cards.

One side effect of cancelling the surcharges is that property taxes can't be paid with a credit card, as the Town of Morinville is unwilling to cover the charges.

Residents who paid the surcharge during the few days it was in effect are eligible for refunds.