Morinville Community High School is enjoying their first full semester with their freshly completed renovations. 

Greg Boutestian is the school's CTS teacher, and has been working at the school since 1995.

"This new renovation has been the largest project that's been done in our building in close to thirty years of operation.”

The last major renovation the school experienced included adding a new wing in the late 1990s. 

These renovations had been a long time coming, with plans in the works for the last four years.

Contractors first arrived at the school in late 2021, with the area being gutted by the new year, and the place finally being completed in November 2022. 

"This was a long time coming, and the space actually looks modern again. I think our school has aged quite well; it certainly has a newer school feel to it."

The new renovation mainly impacted the CTS area of the school.

What was once an open-concept two-story room had been converted into a series of rooms, which now house their kitchen, fashion area, and a new and improved cosmetology lab. 

"[The old] cosmetology area [didn’t have] plumbing, so really how much cosmetology can you do without water?"

The renovations have been a huge hit with not only the students but their parents as well. 

"A lot of the parents were former students themselves, and they couldn't believe the change they were able to see."

As for what's next for the school, Boutestian said that there are no major renovations planned for the foreseeable future.