After two months of being closed following the Plaza Hotel fire, a Morinville business has reopened. 

Morinville Pizza, which has operated in the town for the last two years, reopened on Friday (Jan. 6) after a devastating fire had them close their doors back in November. 

"For us, it was very difficult because for insurance we didn't get any money, and for the time we were closed, we were basically out of a job," said Varun Tewari, owner of Morinville Pizza.

While they were closed and dealing with smoke damage, they were getting calls from residents asking when they would be back open.

"They were missing their Morinville Pizza."

Luckily, the restaurant wasn't damaged in the blaze. Instead, all they had to deal with was smoke damage. Once they opened back up, they were met with a ton of business.

"It was a busy day for us," Tewari said.

Three other businesses were closed down in the fire. Uncle Sam's Cannabis opened before Christmas, while Cell Tech and Asian Garden are expected to open at a later date.