The provincial government has expanded its funding to charter schools.

As part of Budget 2022, they are investing $25-million in operating funding and $47-million in capital investment over the next three years to support public charter school expansions and collegiate programs.

"Albertans support school choice. Through public charter and collegiate schools, this government will provide Albertans with more specialized and vocational learning opportunities in areas like science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the trades. This will help students achieve their potential and prepare them for their next steps in life," said Premier Jason Kenney.

There are 16 public charter schools in Alberta. New Horizons is in Sherwood Park and has a focus on gifted education. The school has been running since 1995, one of the oldest charter schools in the province.

Public charter schools are autonomous non-profit public schools. They are intended to focus on a particular learning style, teaching style or approach that a school division does not already offer.

Collegiate schools bring together students with similar interests to give enhanced learning opportunities which may not be found to the same degree in general education streams.

The schools getting funding are:

  • Almadina Language (Calgary)
  • Aurora Academic (Edmonton)
  • Boyle Street Education Centre (Edmonton)
  • Calgary Arts Academy (Calgary)
  • Calgary Classical Academy (Calgary)
  • Calgary Girls' School (Calgary)
  • Centre for Academic and Personal Excellence (Medicine Hat)
  • Connect Charter School (Calgary)
  • Foundations for the Future (Calgary)
  • Mother Earth's Children's (Stony Plain)
  • New Horizons (Sherwood Park)
  • New Humble Community School (New Humble Centre near Calmar)
  • Suzuki (Edmonton)
  • The STEM Innovation Academy (Calgary)
  • Valhalla (Valhalla)
  • Westmount (Calgary)