Be on the lookout for camo-clad people at Elk Island National Park (EINP) this weekend.

Soldiers from 20th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, will be in the national park on Saturday (Jun. 4) to show off skills soldiers use when deployed to the field on an exercise.

Members will set up a base camp at the Astotin Lake group campsite and will feature demonstrations including calling in artillery missions, sentry duties, camouflage and concealment and how to use a map and compass.

“There will be signage up so people can find them and have a chance to talk to the soldiers and see what it is they’re doing,” said Capitan Derrick Forsythe, a public affairs officer with the 41 Canadian Brigade Group.

On Sunday, members will take part in a 12-kilometre hike through the park.

“It’s just a way to get out and see people on the trails and have a chance to talk with them there as well. So, it’ll be a little bit of brushing up on some soldier skills and having a chance to interact with some people in the park.”

The EINP demonstration is a new initiative to increase the visibility of the 20th Field Regiment. People are encouraged to visit each location and interact with the soldiers. They will not be carrying weapons during the training.

Demonstrations will run from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. 

 20th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, is Alberta’s Primary Reserve Artillery Regiment and comprised of Headquarters Battery and 61st Field Battery in Edmonton, and 78th Field Battery located in Red Deer.