Strathcona County's population has surpassed 100,000 residents.

According to the latest census, about 73,000 of these people are located in Sherwood Park, while over 27,000 were in the county's rural areas.

Strathcona County remains the fifth largest municipality in the province, and second in the capital region.

"It’s positive to see the county’s continued growth and reflects on what a great community this is to live, work and enjoy,” says mayor Rod Frank.

In total, 100,362 people live in the county.


There have also been new approaches to conducting the census, the main one being the transition to the paperless collection, using tablets rather than paper. This resulted in 36 per cent fewer census workers needed, which saved on cost.

With the online response rate being 76 per cent, this made forming the census much easier than in previous years, with legislative services manager Jacqueline Roblin thanking the community for their responses.

"It really helped save some money, time, and effort in collecting the census information. The participation rate was really encouraging." Roblin said.

The results of the 2022 census are available on the county's website.