A Fort Saskatchewan woman took a shot at Canada's Got Talent.

Melanie Doderai grew up in Edmonton before moving to Fort Saskatchewan in 2005. She is a local music teacher, an elementary teacher, and Canada's first aerial fabric violinist.

"What that means is that you'll hear hopefully some of your favorite music, and then you'll be visually entertained as I'm flipping and moving through all this different fabric. You won't know what to expect next, and it's just something that's very different for your eyes and a way for you to experience music a little bit differently," she explained.

She sent in an audition video for Canada's Got Talent to see if she qualified for the show. As part of a contract, she couldn't tell anyone about it, which she said was difficult.

When her submission was accepted, she flew out in November to perform for the judges and audience.

"I went there just wanting to share my journey and to just to inspire little humans. There are no limits to what they can do with their music."

Unfortunately, she did not get through the live auditions. However, Doderai said the support from friends and family has been amazing, and she was proud to have shown her students and daughters how to take risks and be brave.

Coming up this summer, there are a lot of festivals in Edmonton where she will perform.