Lamont has a new mayor. 
Kirk Perrin moved to Lamont eight years ago. He grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario and went to the University of Guelph to study political science and philosophy. 
He's always felt drawn to politics, starting at a young age. He worked at his local MLA's office when he was just 16-years-old. 
After university, circumstances forced him to look for employment elsewhere. He headed west when his cousin helped get him a job at CNRL Horizon as a journeyman pipefitter. After a decline in the price of oil, Perrin spent some time in sales before being drawn back into the political realm. 
"I was able to find the right time in my life to circle back around to my interest in politics," he explained.  
Four years ago, Perrin was elected to Lamont's town council.
According to Perrin, the decision to run for mayor this year was made quickly, although he had been thinking about running for quite some time. After some encouragement from friends and colleagues, he announced his candidacy. 
Perrin feels that now is an important time for municipalities within Alberta's Industrial Heartland, with recent investments such as the Hydrogen Hub and Dow's recent announcement to build a net-zero chemicals complex. 
The main priorities he ran on were economic development, having a more diverse economic base and reviewing the utility structure of the town. 
"We're going to see a shift when we finally come out of COVID in people's mentalities and we might see people wanting more of the rural lifestyle from some of the urban areas as well," said Perrin.
Perrin described being voted in as 'very humbling' and said he was fortunate to visit every business in town, speak to residents and have conversations with the community. 
"It gives me a lot of great information moving forward for the next four years." 
The new mayor will be sworn in alongside councillors Jody Foulds, Al Harvey, Colleen Holowaychuk, Perry Koroluk, Linda Sieker and Dave Taylor.