Brett Kramers has been announced as the new coach for Fort Saskatchewan's U17 AAA Rangers.

Kramers said that he is from Edmonton but has had a budding interest in Fort Saskatchewan.

"I've worked with Mason Hawkes in Hockey Alberta events, and I know Tyson Munro pretty well," said Kramers. "They've all spoken very highly about Fort Saskatchewan."

Munro and Hawkes are also head coaches for the U15 and U18 AAA Rangers, respectively.

Kramers added that he hopes to bring a unique strategy to his team-building exercises.

"I'm big about establishing trust and vulnerability in all the players. I believe that I will always have the closest team. I want to make sure we're building connections right away and getting to know each. I want to know not what they're like as hockey players but as people."

Kramers believes that learning more about his players off the ice will help them perform even better in the rink.

"Obviously, for me, it's not about judging a team based on wins and losses, but being able to walk into that dressing room and know that you want to go to battle for the player next to you and the coach in front of you," said Kramers. "When you're able to have that tight-knit group that wants to fight for each other will have success at the end of the day."

With the season having just ended, Kramers is spending the next while getting to know his players before practice begins.

"Hopefully we're getting started very soon here. I'm really excited," stated Kramers. "I'm really grateful for the opportunity. I'm very confident in my ability to walk into any room and lead a group in the right way."

"I can't wait to join the Fort Sask organization and lead the Rangers U17 team to a provincial championship."