Mayor Gale Katchur spoke about the criticism being received over the new shopping center.

The center, which will be built across the highway from Home Depot, is expected to be constructed over the next four to five years.

Some residents have taken to social media to voice their displeasure. 

"This will ruin the nice path that connects to all of the other paths. The paths and green spaces in Fort Sask are a big reason why a lot of people love this city," wrote Morgan Audrey Taylor in a Facebook comment.

Mayor Katchur says that these worries will be reconciled once the center is built.

"We did hold a public hearing. Many people who live adjacent to the area did come out and speak against it," Katchur said. "Many of them also said they knew it was a matter of time before something was developed."

"There will be fencing, there will still be the trail and green strip behind their houses. Certain areas will be placed closer to the highway as opposed to the residential area."

Katchur mentioned that the area is zoned as direct control administration, which is used for commercial businesses. She also said that all costs for construction fall on the developers.

"We just have to remember when private developers come in and purchase private land, as long as they're following the land-use bylaw, they have the right to build," Katchur said. "We should embrace the opportunity of hopefully getting new shops in our community."